Virginie Pezet Berton und Aymeric Guillard


Virginie Pezet Berton was born in Nyon / Switzerland in 1976 and studied arts in Geneva before turning to the violin making. Graduated from the schools of Mirecourt in 1996 and Newark in 1998, Virginie PEZET BERTON worked in Lausanne, Geneva and Paris for 17 years where she devoted herself to learning the techniques of restoration, fitting up and sound adjustment.

At the same time and for over 10 years, she worked as a restorer and a maker and established her own workshop in Ivry-sur-Seine (Paris) in July 2015 to focus on her passion for making new instruments.
She is a member of ALADFI (Association des Luthiers et Archetiers pour le Développement de la Facture Instrumentale).

Her work was awarded two « coups de cœur » at the international violin making competition Viola’s in 2016 (Paris).


Aymeric Guillard was born in 1981 in Vitry-sur-Seine / France. He studied the cello for 15 years in Paris before he decided to work in handcrafts. He received his training as a violin maker at the Newark & Sherwood College of Newark / England between 2001 and 2003.
Consecutive years took him back to Paris were he was involved mostly in the making of violin, violas and cellos.

In 2012 he established is own workshop in Paris. Today, Aymeric Guillard works mainly as a maker and his intruments are appreciated by professional musicans in France and even further.