Marco Coppiardi


Marco Coppiardi graduated from violin making school in Cremona, in 1985. He apprenticed in Francesco Bissolotti’s shop, and in 1990 traveled to the USA where he visited several shops. In 1992 he moved to Boston, MA where he will live and work for 26 years. He sets up his own studio, dedicated to both restoration and new making. In the US, Marco attends the Oberlin seminars for making, acoustics and restoration.

Marco has given presentations on various aspects of violin making in venues such as the Metropolitan Museum in NYC, the Newport Art Museum, and the Goldberg Festival in Tokyo and Toyama, Japan.
Passionate about science, he has collaborated with engineer Amit Zoran at MediaLab MIT on a study that blends craft and acoustic measurements. In 2013 Amit and Marco were awarded a patent for their work.

As a hobby Marco likes to play guitar, and watch classic films.