KlangGestalten: What Is It?

Just think: 300 years ago, the great masters of violin making all lived right next to one another in Cremona, door to door. The first great flowering of their craft took place thanks to that proximity, allowing them to exchange know-how and experience – even to inspire one another. Musicians also appreciated the chance to try out string instruments by many different violin makers in one sole location. Today’s musicians can experience a similar atmosphere when they visit KLANGGESTALTEN. 

With that purpose in mind, several violin and bow makers from all over Europe initiated a working group called KLANGGESTALTEN in 1998. Although separated by great distances, they all manage to get together several times a year for a week of joint workshop activity and discussions. They also hold regular exhibitions and organize recitals in workshops. That intense atmosphere of collaboration sharpens their perception of sound quality, inspiring musicians and makers alike. 

At every large-scale annual exhibition, the violin and bow makers of KLANGGESTALTEN invite the general public and professional musicians to TRY OUT – LISTEN – DISCOVER: where else would you find 25 workshops under one roof?